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What's the valuation of your startup?

How much cash is required?

How many people are needed?

Forecast Financial Statements - Quickly


Use QuickUp to forecast and value the financial statements of your company.


You don't have to be an accountant to use QuickUp!

  • Income Statement

  • Cash Flow

  • Sales, Expenses, Profit

  • Balance Sheet

  • VALUATION MODEL linked to financials

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Value Your Company

Use QuickUp - fast, easy 


  • "How much is your company worth?"

  • "How much of our company should we sell to investors?"


To get venture capital or money from angels, you must be ready to answer the question "What is your start-up worth?" 


It is very costly to pick the wrong valuation. Too high scares investors away. Too low costs leaves not enough wealth for founders and employees. 

Valuing a private company is tricky but can be learned with some help from QuickUp. It does valuation like real venture investors do it. 


If you do a good job preparing the valuation ofyour company, you will get a better deal from investors. And you will have enough shares left to attract top tier talent to your start-up.


Sample graph from QuickUp$ Startup Financial Forecasting and Company Valuation Model
Sample graphic from QuickUp$ Startup Financial Forecasting and Company Valuation Model

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