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    A Silicon Valley pro and friend sent this to me today:

    “Hi John, Just a share.  Caught tail (maybe a tale 😀) end of a tv interview of a guy claiming he had started many ‘successful startups.’  He was asked if a book were written about his life as an entrepreneur, what should it be called?  ‘Risk Adverse’ was his response.  And then he thought for a bit, ‘That is the bottom line for success, to not be afraid of risk.  So, my title would be an oxymoron.’


    I responded to the pro with this: “I think that’s pretty common discussion about how a startup person tells others how he responds with reactions to fear: 'No fear in me'. It’s what I hear so often from people who later told me in confidence they had been terrified. I get annoyed at how often I read about “gurus” focus on telling others to have “no fear". They give mountain-top advice on how to be strong as steel, overcome impossible odds and so on. I find that naïve at best, and dangerous.”

    “Deep down inside our secret insides, our soul place, we know we’ll always have to face something that triggers our fears, whether it comes from startups or something else that enters our lives. Thus, it is my contention that we are better advised “Let’s face it, we know that when it hits us we’ll instantly react in fear - so why not expect such a likely response and get prepared for how you’ll respond to what triggered that fearful moment and how you'll deal successfully with it?”

    I continued, “For me it’s all about facing reality -- not about avoiding reality. Something is going to trigger the fear that is going to hit you, so how about saying to yourself 'What can I do now to anticipate those spine-chilling events, especially those that get me starting praying to God for help?' I think it wise advice to prepare yourself for how you’ll respond at those life challenging moments. It’s what military personnel are trained to do, for example, to stay alive and succeed. When a person can repeatedly respond constructively to encounters that trigger intense fear, she'll find it’s a super unfair advantage in coping well with life, especially when doing a startup.”

    I wish you The Best on your Adventure!



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